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Mondagri Coop.,   is a "a services company which operates in the fields of food production ( especially in viticulture and horticulture) , , environment and tourism"

It collaborates with public and private bodies and oversees the update file and the application file, UMA tickets, the acountancy and all the practices meant to support and maintain a healthy life and production environment.

It offers support in the study, research, certification, quality and image promotion of food, environment and tourist products. It develops structural and integrated projects designed to obtain the best product quality in the above mentioned fields.

The main social purposes focus on the specialisation of labour force in formative and informative activities in order to form creative professionals able to manage businesses, make these grow and open them to international markets.

MONDAGRI Coop. also offers support to facilitate financing in order to help develop food, agricultural, rural and tourist companies. In the undertaking, MONDAGRI Coop. shares the risks with the assisted companies by its own investment for development, reseach and management of the most suitable financing product and insurance broker.

It is the first to provide assistance to private companies in orientation projects for agricultural development in relation to tradition and culture.

MONDAGRI Coop. invests in the research of services designed to improve product quality in the food industry and environment. Thus, MONDAGRI Coop. constitutes the complete services center for companies operating in the above mentioned fields.

Mondagri Soc.Coop.arl.
Sede operativa/amministrativa:
P.zza Urbano Prunotto, 2 - 12051 Alba (CN)
Tel. 0173 366236 - Fax 0173 365862

Sede legale:
ALBA CN - 12051 - P.zza Urbano Prunotto 2

C.F./P.IVA: 11863761000 - N.Rea: RM-1334961

Mondagri Soc.Coop.Arl

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